Beauty Hacks To Try With Coffee Grounds

If we say coffee fuels us, we won’t be lying at all. It runs our day. We all know, how coffee recharges us and boosts our energy levels to perform our best. Our unconditional love for coffee is incomparable but coffee is much more than just our love interest. It has earned that place not only in ours but also in billion other people’s hearts.  
Did you know coffee, your BF (Beverage Forever) can also be your BFF (Beautician Freind Forever)? Yes, coffee is good for your skin. While a cup of coffee brings you alive from the inside, the remains of ground coffee will rejoice your skin from the outside. Here, we give you 6 more reasons to fall in love coffee all over again:

Bye Bye Puffy Eyes

       Late-night presentation drills or sleepless nights for exam preparations may take a toll on your health. Your eyes become puffy, dark circles start to appear and the glow from your face is lost. Well, coffee has got you covered here as well, after having your morning shot of coffee save the residue of the ground coffee aside to cool down. Then mix it well with aloe vera and generously apply around your eyes and your entire face bring back that lost glow.


      Reduces Cellulite
        Cellulite is a natural problem, no matter how much you work out and there is no cure whatsoever. However, a scrub made of coffee remains, olive oil and brown sugar can help to rejuvenate your skin and cellulite will become less prominent. Coffee will help increase the blood flow whereas olive oil will hydrate the skin and brown sugar will help in exfoliating the dead skin. 
          Exfoliates the Dead Skin
            Coffee scrub is this new thing in the market that all young women are going gaga over. To be honest, coffee scrub actually works wonders. However, we suggest you make your own coffee scrub at home with little lime juice, brown sugar and olive oil/coconut oil. Mix them all with the remains of your ground coffee and apply evenly on your skin and scrub well to exfoliate the dead skin. You may also apply the same blend on your scalp to fight dandruff
              Brightens Skin

                What a cup of coffee does to your mood is what a coffee mask does to your skin. For an effective coffee mask, mix a little organic plain yoghurt to your ground coffee and honey. Apply it evenly to your face and leave it for 15 minutes, then rinse your face. It’s because of the caffeine present in the coffee that stimulates blood circulations that brings the glow on your face. 
                  Soothes your Feet

                    Our heels stay under a lot of pressure the entire day taking all our body weight on them, hence the skin becomes hard and dead. This leads to cracks on the heels and shedding of the dead skin. Apply the ground coffee mixed with coconut oil on your heels and scrub well for 5-6 min and leave it to dry for a while. Wash them with tap water and apply moisturiser and leave them overnight. 
                      Makes for a Perfect Lip Scrub
                        A coffee scrub will be a treat to your lips. We exfoliate our face regularly but we forget about our tender lips. It’s important to scrub them especially if you wear lipstick on a regular basis. Make a paste of ground coffee and honey. Apply it to your lips and scrub gently for 3-4 min. Rinse with normal water and apply a regular lip balm. 
                          We won't be surprised if you are already practising some of these hacks. However, we only have one suggestion that never use raw ground coffee for a pack is super rich in caffeine and acidic elements that can react with your skin. Only go for used coffee grounds. For the finest bespoke coffee visit our website:
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