Coffee is Bae - Diary Journal from a Coffee Lover

Well, I grew up drinking coffee from dad’s mug. As a 10year old, I never understood what perfect coffee is. Coffee from his mug till date is hot with a little touch of cinnamon during winters and cold with ice and no sugar in summers. I like my coffee with a little sugar, my brother likes his coffee with chocolate sauce when cold or chocolate powder when hot. As I met more people, I realized how different people like to add their own customisations to coffee and how versatile coffee is.

Coffee has been and will always be a loyal friend. Remembering the times when coffee had our backs, it comes to mind how it has helped us survive the night before the exam, keeping us awake and never leaving our side. Coffee was our partner in crime when we wanted to prolong a conversation with our high school crush and not to forget how a perfect cup of coffee for Maa and Paa saved us from a scolding. It is always easy to hold or strike a new conversation over a steaming cup of coffee. The alertness and activeness it provides you is irreplaceable by any other beverage. The aroma of coffee is so soothing for me that most of my stress is relieved while brewing it, but nothing beats the coffee brewed and made by Maa. Kudos to her for introducing me to freshly brewed coffee.

- Written by Kiran

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