Imagined your life without coffee? Like what? No coffee?
There are things in life we get attached to. There are things done and things undone.
Sometimes you gotta drink some coffee, put on some rock n roll and handle your business. Yes! This is the way we have to handle things in life. Like half human and half coffee. Difficult but survives. Coffee doesn’t ask me stupid questions in the morning but yes life does!
When a kid admits in the school, what he wants is to finish off the schooling fast and as he grows up, amazingly waits for its college days, as coffee plants wait for the showers.
The day a child enters college, the only thing is missed is ‘school’. Like planters wait for back showers for the flowering and fruiting. A kid who is turning into an adult starts waiting for its college days to get over. Handling and pruning over, and now what planter waits for, is the coffee berry fruit. A happy parent, a happy planter, a happy kid and a gracious coffee berry fruit.
But the planter never thought that the actual process has been started now.  A student who is unaware of the harshness of the environment has grown up now and needs to be processed the way, this world wants. The same way a coffee seed is unaware of how it will be processed now.
Naturally? Artificial? or will it be taking the midway?
How is survival written? In which way the kid has to be mould now to face the world?
Life Happens Coffee Helps.
Stay Tuned!
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