Foods That are Meant to Go with Coffee

Before we begin talking about anything, here’s our heartfelt sentiment - for us, Coffee is a complete food in itself. The amount of satisfaction and pleasure that one can find in having coffee is unmatched. However, we never say no to desserts and snacks accompanying our coffee. Well, come on. Nobody does. 
One on one rendezvous with coffee works always but having something sweet and light with it sometimes adds to the feel and flavour. Here’re a few lip-smacking delights that are made for coffee.



A cup of Cofee and a plate of waffles with maple syrup poured all over, topped with berries, please. Waffles are just incomplete without coffee. The most popular Belgian breakfast has quite a fan base across the globe and is the first choice of many to have with coffee.

        If you ever end up confused at a bakery or a coffee shop about what to have with coffee, tarts are always the best option. It’s a baked delicacy that comes with a filling over a pastry base and toppings of fruits, berries or chocolates. It’s sweet in taste but mild which makes it a perfect match for coffee. 
            Muffins & Doughnuts
              This American Duo of Muffins and doughnuts come from two different houses of culinary arts, Baking and Frying respectively. These sweet and savouring confections are quite popular across the globe as a perfect food companion to coffee. They are light, delectable and ‘grab-n-go’ option to have with coffee even while you are on the move. 
                  This famous French bake flake actually has an Austrian origin. It’s named so for its crescent shape and is quite popular as a breakfast across Europe. Easily available at various English Bakery across the world, this flaky textured delicacy is something you must try with coffee if you haven’t yet. 
                      Crepes and Pancakes
                        Food has no religion and it sees no boundaries - Pancakes prove this in every possible way. Every country has a different version of them but pancakes found their home in the American breakfast menu which is incomplete without a cup of coffee too. 

                          Cakes and Brownie
                            Who will not agree with cakes and brownies being on this list? If you haven’t had a brownie with a cup of coffee, are even a coffee lover. It’s a match made in heaven.
                                Just like coffee, you can have Quiche cold or hot. One of the many popular dishes gifted by France to the world, Quiche is a pastry crust stuffed with eggs, cream, cheese, meat, seafood or veggies and combination of whatever works for you. Coffee is an added pleasure to the savoury of quiche. 
                                  So, which pairing are you gonna try with coffee next and what is your favourite already? Do let us know in the comments section below. For the finest bespoke coffee visit our website:

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