French Roasting V/S Italian Roasting

Roasting coffee is an underappreciated and delicate art. The tantalising aroma that awakens your senses every morning is the result of constant attention paid to your coffee beans while roasting. With millions of us waking up to a nice cup of coffee every day, only a few realise the hard work and hours that are put in our coffee beans before it makes its way into our households. 

It’s always hard for coffee newbies to develop a liking to dark tasting coffee instantly. It takes an avid coffee drinker to appreciate a dark coffee roast. Growing up with a special love for coffee, we ask ourselves, what is the difference between French Coffee Roasting and Italian Coffee Roasting? 

With both types giving a strong, smokey and delicious cup of coffee, how do they differ from each other? We’ll be getting into that subject but before that let’s talk about Dark Coffee Roasts. 

Dark Coffee Roasts

People often have a notion that rich, strong tasting coffee contains low caffeine content. The caffeine content mainly depends on the roasting of the coffee beans. A dark roast is where coffee beans are roasted till they’re slightly charred. To simply put it, the longer the beans are roasted, the deeper will be the flavour. This strips the coffee beans of its caffeine content to a significant amount and lowers its acidity. 

The difference between a beautiful dark French or Italian roast and burnt coffee beans is a thin line where paying close attention can make or break your coffee. Years of study on coffee beans helps decide the temperature, time and attention that is needed to roast coffee beans. Now that we know all about dark coffee roasts, let’s land on our main question, the difference between French Coffee Roast and Italian Coffee Roast.

French Roast v/s Italian Roast

The French Roast and Italian Roast are two of the darkest roasts available. Beans are roasted to the brink before they become charred and only certain coffee beans can hold up to that level of roasting. 

French Roasting is a process where coffee beans are put under high temperature until a cracking noise is produced. The secretion of oil from the coffee beans gives these roasted beans a dark and lustrous appearance. If you like dark and slightly smoky undertones in your cup of coffee, French Roasted coffee is the way to go. 

Italian Roasted Coffee is one of the strongest and darkest coffee roasts available and is mainly used for making your espresso shots. Coffee beans are taken to the brink of roasting where an inexperienced roaster can easily turn them into burnt coffee beans. If you are looking for an intense, bitter taste with low caffeine, this should be your poison of choice. 

So, in conclusion, there is very little if any difference between French Coffee Roast and Italian Coffee Roast. Both are perfect if you enjoy smoky undertones and a robust flavour in your coffee. 

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