On A Coffee Date With Besko

Hello There,

How’re you doing? We hope everything’s brewing well. It’s a beautiful day so we thought you won’t mind a small coffee date with us. 

One thing is for sure, we’ll get along at least for our common love for coffee. Our day starts and ends with coffee with a few rounds of coffee in the middle too. We, at Besko, are ardent coffee lovers and it is one of the reasons that BESKO has seen the light of the day. 

Let’s tell you the story behind our name and logo first. Our brand name BESKO is an amalgamation of two words BESPOKE and COFFEE. Bespoke because we provide our customers with not only whole beans but also customised grind sizes for the coffee of their choice. As fas as our logo is concerned, it depicts the core tenets that go into making our premium coffee. We believe it’s the passion, craft and experience of every individual involved, from coffee planters to baristas, that contribute to making what BESKO really is. You’ll find the depiction of Earth, Fire, Air, and Water, that play a major role in nurturing a coffee plant, without them our logo couldn’t be complete. 

Unlike other coffee brands in the market, ours is hand-roasted and sourced directly from coffee estates to our roasting plants and then to you with going through auctions, traders and 100 other stages to reach you. We ensure green beans are roasted under the right temperature and conditions for the right amount of time to bring out the real taste of the coffee. 

At Besko Coffee, we're here for you at every step of the day (and night) with our hand-roasted, small-batch speciality coffees that are all full of character and loaded with flavour. The highest quality green coffee beans are sustainably sourced from the Southern India Belt from the exotic plantations along the equator.

Besko isn’t a team of white-collar office goers who spent their 9-5 life in front of a laptop or on boring machines. Our team consists of planters, pickers, connoisseurs, roasters, grinders, baristas and you, coffee consumers. Everyone in our team is a coffee lover first and then anything else. Ankit, Vaibhav and Aditya Jain are the co-founders of the company who turned their love for coffee into their passion and Besko came to life. They believed a good and authentic coffee brand has great potential to flourish. Arushi Aggarwal, the coffee connoisseur, looks after the quality aspect of coffee and no bad bean can be missed by her #CoffeeKeen eyes. 

Besko has made its place not only in the coffee machines at the offices and cafe’s or in the cuppa coffee but also in the hearts of coffee lovers. We decided to have this small Blog date with you guys only to tell you guys how thankful we are to you guys for showering us with so much love and giving us a small, little place in your lives.  

Thank you so much and keep brewing!

Much Love,


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