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Hello Coffee Lovers! Is there anything better than a freshly brewed cup of coffee by a professional? Nope! Coffee is largely consumed all over the world and coffee culture has been evolving for a lot of years but, what is Coffee Culture? 

Coffee Culture


Coffee culture is defined as the social atmosphere and social interactions that are related to coffee and coffee houses. Put simply, it is the enjoyment of coffee in a social setting and the interactions, exchange of ideas and other aspects that go along with it. 

Coffee Culture dates back to the 14th century in Turkey where coffee houses were primary social hubs as well as places for intellectual and artistic discussions. 

In the present day, coffee culture is increasing exponentially for various reasons. Coffee is a business that is growing and there is no looking backwards. For Office going lads, coffee houses are a godsend and have become increasingly popular. This is because it gives office workers the chance to disconnect from their busy schedules and take a moment to enjoy an awesome cup of coffee. 

This popularity is what gave birth to pop-up coffee shops. Whether it is big urban cities or village towns, coffee receives love everywhere. 

Coffee Cultures Around The World

Different parts of the world have their own coffee cultures. Some of them are quite fascinating, let’s have a look.

Italy: Italy has a different way of drinking coffee, mainly their espresso. Served in small, ceramic cups, highly concentrated espresso is almost taken as a shot of alcohol. Sometimes, a slice of lemon is rubbed around the edge of the cup to give some additional flavour. Also, cappuccino is actually only made in the morning. So now you know, no cappuccino in the evening in Italy. 

Mexico: Called “café de olla” in Spanish, this traditional drink is brewed in individual earthenware pots filled with cinnamon sticks. The spice adds both a fiery and healthy note to the coffee. 

Saudi Arabia: In this part of the world, coffee is served following strict social etiquette. Older people are served first and men and women drink their coffee separately. Saudi coffee is called Kahwa and the flavour is dark, extremely bitter, with cardamom to add flavour, usually served along with sweet dates. 

Turkey: Called Turk Kahvesi, Turkish coffee is usually served after dinner with chewy eatables. It is made in copper pots and is served when it’s boiling hot. 

Denmark: Coffee consumption is Denmark is remarkably high. So much so, that you can find packed coffee houses and pubs throughout the day, especially in Copenhagen. 

India: India is a country with various cultures and it’s the same when it comes to coffee. However, South Indian Filter Coffee ( filter ‘kaapi’)  is a fairly popular style of drinking coffee in the country. It is made in a brass vessel and follows the procedure of modern pour over method of brewing coffee.

So, how was the experience of learning something new about your favourite drink? Do let us know in comments! For the best quality coffee, visit our site:

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