Way Too Much Coffee

Hi Again, Fuchchas!
So, I like coffee because it gives me the illusion that I might be awake. But really? How does this happen now? How come a cup of coffee keeps you awake? Is it actually an illusion? Okay.. so here we go!
There is a molecule called Adenosine in our brain, it basically brings tiredness in our body when it attaches to our brain receptors. So, when adenosine level increases in our body, we start functioning slow. But is this like anaesthesia, ummm.. not exactly! But now, you can prevent the slowing down of your brain! Can get rid of the tiredness! But how? So, there is one molecule of the similar shape as adenosine in our body, The Caffeine!

Yes,  Caffeine looks similar to adenosine!  So when we intake Caffeine, a major component in coffee, our brain cells gets confused and instead of adenosine, they combine with caffeine!! Without the molecule that usually induces exhaustion, “our natural stimulants run wild!” So, go and grab a cup of coffee!
P.S. Drink coffee in limits. Anything exceeding the limit is injurious to health!
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